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Apple & Cinnamon Mocktail

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Savoring a mocktail along with the scrumptious meal is not a luxury option anymore. Our taste buds are so spoilt with few addictive mocktails, so much we just cannot complete a meal without gulping down a refreshing mocktail.

The mocktail that tops the list when we think of addictive and refreshing mocktails is the flavorsome Apple and Cinnamon drink.

The sour lime juice and the carbonated water called the soda is already so refreshing when sweetened with sugar. Adding apple and cinnamon flavors to this drink is the perfect move taken by our chefs to treat your taste buds. It is our magic recipe to relax your mind by making you think of nothing other than this heavenly drink.

The flavor of cinnamon apparently accentuates the whole feel of the drink by its unique, savory and sweet flavor. It is extremely aromatic and irresistible. The tartness and sweetness of the apple go well with the soda. It is completely a different kind of taste that is worth relishing.

The apple pieces that are added on top add the crunch factor to this drink. It feels so right to drink the quenching mocktail and chew the juicy apple pieces at the same time.

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