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Corn and Spinach Finger

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One cannot deny if we say that our eyes automatically start looking for some lip-smacking starters as soon as we place the menu in front of you. Come on!! After all, starters are usually blamed for giving you most of the foodgasmic moments. One such mouth-watering starter is our corn and spinach finger.

Well, the name itself is kept after the two most significant contributors for this scrumptious starter. This starter will exploit your tongue with its confusing nature. It is confusing because it looks crunchy and delicious on the outside and the moment you take a bite of it, you can feel the soft and delicate filling that will melt immediately inside your mouth. The spices used to get in the perfectness in these stripes is neither too much nor too less. It is just perfect to take you on divine ride of an appetizing experience.

The deep fried corn and spinach finger recipe when placed on the table artistically, begs you … rather screams to be dipped into that oh-so-delicious cheese salsa that is kept right beside it. This corn and spinach finger and cheese salsa duo is a quintessential combo that will make your taste buds get addicted to this so badly and madly.

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