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Cottage Cheese Chilly Sizzler

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Sizzlers are a kind of dish that can persuade you to order it right away when you see it on the menu or when you see it on someone’s table, not only by its distinctive details but also with the mild sizzling sound it makes. It is the sound that will wake your taste buds up and hustle them to savor this course till the last bit.

The person who named sizzlers as sizzlers would have definitely been the one whose mind was sizzled with the thoughts of a food that gives contentment in every way possible. We are pretty sure that it still continues to do what it intends to do - to accentuate the different flavors that elevate the class of the dining experience.

The ample amount of finger cut cottage cheese and butter is fried with hot, spicy and fresh green chilly and with the bell peppers. The notorious, spicy and tangy soya sauce added to this is just another example of how our chefs are good at exhibiting their culinary skills. This flavorsome side is paired with the Chinese cuisines’ masterpiece “Butter Garlic Fried Rice or Butter Garlic Noodles”.

It is just enough to make every cell in the taste buds beg you to take a spoonful of it and enjoy the chewing and swallowing process. We bet that this whole dish will make it difficult for you to refuse to take a look at it and appreciate its beauty. The moment we place Cottage Cheese Chilly Sizzler right in front you, you can just notice your eyes dancing with excitement. Well, can we call this a form of hypnotism?

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