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Just imagine yourself in a foreign country enjoying your days, traveling and partying, with people from all over the world and then suddenly you see a person who is from the same place as you are from. Just Imagine. How would that feel? Doesn’t it feel so good to know someone who can understand your culture, taste, and tradition? Well, Dal Makhani, when seen on a menu, gives you that kind of feeling.

We are speaking about how well Dal Makhani can understand our taste for authentic and native food and satisfy the gustatory cells in the taste buds. If you are obsessed with Indian food then Dal Makhani is a dish that is just made for you.

The nutritious Black Urad Dal and the wholesome Rajma beans are cooked in tandoor. Yes, the tandoor, so this dish will have a smoky factor in it that will make you guys instantly fall for it. These healthy dals are cooked well in a tomato puree that has taken in all the aromatic spices to make this course more inviting.

The color, the aroma, the nutrition and the feel that Dal Makhani offers is sooooo perfect to be ignored and moved on. Once fall for its taste and we bet you cannot get over it, that is the kind of magic our cuisines have, especially the super special and original Dal Makhani.

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