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The best food is the one that is healthy, tasty and indigenous. While typing this, the one dish that is running through all the minds, here at 1947 is the authentic and original Diwani Handi.

Just to give a heads up, Handi is referred to a metal pot used in cooking few lip-smacking Indian cuisines. Diwani in Hindi means obsession over a thing or person. We think it is rightly named as this dish will not only make you go obsessed over the dish but it will make you appreciate the whole process of making it. The traditional Handi way.

Diwani Handi is a creamy delicious gravy that has a generous amount of the healthy and green capsicum, fresh and well-cooked baby corn and the tender and natural green peas. All these veggies are blended so well that it will just make you wonder if you have ever thought high about these humble and healthy vegetables any time before.

It is a rich and heavy dish and we cannot stop blaming, no, thanking the cashew paste that goes into this dish for this. It is because of this cashew paste, Diwani Handi is mild in terms of spiciness. The spinach gravy in which the carefully and perfectly cooked vegetables have their own intimate time is a highlight to this recipe.

Every time your taste buds get a chance to savor this scrumptious course, paired with your favorite Indian bread or the rice will make you realize how blessed you are to be at a place that provides the succulent Diwani Handi. No, we are not bragging. Just come, visit us and savor this dish. You will just not stop talking about how yummy this dish is.

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