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Habiba Mocktail

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Have you ever played a song on repeat mode and enjoyed the music, the lyrics and the voice of the singer every single time you played it?

Will you believe us if we tell that a drink will give you a similar feeling every time you think of it? Well, you have to, because that is how well this Habiba drink will make your taste buds dance with its luscious nature.

Habiba is a fusion drink which plays well with different fruits and its flavours. The Queen of this dish is the juicy and pulpy mango. It is complemented well by another primary ingredient which is the buttery, creamy and fresh curd. The passion fruit syrup brings in the perfect flavor into this dish that will make you long for this quite often. Such is the power of this Habiba drink.

It is a classic romance between mango, passion fruit flavor, and curd. What completes this picture is that mint leaves that gives the dash of color to this heavenly drink.

You will be driven into a world of foodgasmic pleasures every time you relish this drink. When you visit us next time you know what drink you must order.right? It is the Zesty Habiba. Habiba means beloved and this drink definitely deserves the name. The Habiba for our Habiba.

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