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Paneer Chandini Masala

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Aren’t you bored of the usual paneer recipes like palak paneer or paneer butter masala? Aren’t your taste buds demanding you to introduce you to some delicious and luscious Paneer recipe?

Aren’t your eyes so used to seeing the orange or red or reddish orange colored gravy? Then continue reading to know about a Paneer based dish that is not usually found on most of the menus even though it is popular.

Paneer is the most versatile item as it has the ability to adapt to the flavors of the ingredients with which it is being cooked. Not only it adapts to the flavors but also it elevates the quality of the whole recipe to another level of perfection with its sponginess and lactic influence. While there is a zillion of recipes that casts paneer in the main role, there are few recipes that have coaxed you into falling in love with the very word “paneer”. One such dishes is the exalted Paneer Chandini Masala.

This course got its middle name ‘Chandini’ which means moonlight from its appearance, so unpolluted and clean. This dish is creamy and has got almost cream-ish color. Well, isn’t it unique?

We can blame all the subtle and rich ingredients that go into this dish to make the color on a lighter side and elevate the experience of the food on a brighter side. This not-so-spicy course represents the richness and that is solely because of the gooey paneer and the dry fruits mainly almond and cashew that is an epitome of goodness and affluence.

Paneer Chandini Masala, on the whole, plays all sort of tricks on your taste buds. The spices added to get in the whoopee factor is flattering but not over the top and that’s exactly what our customers like this dish for, no, correction, love this dish for.

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