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Paneer Tikka Lawabdar

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Paneer is a fresh non-melting cheese made by curdling heated milk with vinegar or lemon. It is the most commonly used cheese in Indian sub-continent. Tikka is a type of food that is clearly famous amongst Indian cuisine lovers.

Lawabdar which is originally known as lababdar means a strong desire of something and surrender to that desire. Too much of gyan on the name ah? Well, we had to justify the whole purpose of naming it that way.

Paneer tikka lawabdar is a recipe that is so rich by its nature. Paneer Lawabdar and Paneer Tikka, both are well-known dishes for their uniqueness and richness. We, as usual, wanting to give you the best of best dishes have come up with a fusion curry “The Paneer Tikka Lawabdar”.

Large chunks of freshly prepared paneer are cut into cubes that are just perfect. These cubes are then marinated in all the spices that we believe can leave you spellbound with their flavors and unique colors. The marinated cottage cheese cubes are then grilled in a tandoor. The grilled smoky paneer is then slipped into the simmering Onion and Tomato gravy which only dictates the richness of the flavors and oh the consistency of this gravy is just downright.

This gravy is a bit on a spicier side. Well, it is that spiciness that will cuddle your taste buds in the right way. This gravy, when paired with roti or rice, is beyond all praise. If you are a spicy food lover then this is where your quest for the perfect spicy gravy that is rich and creamy ends.

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