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Recipe for Tomato & Cheese Soup

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Who does not like tomato soup? Imagine your mother bringing you a bowl of freshly made delicious and warm tomato and cheese soup. The thought itself is so comforting. In 1947, we try to bring you food that is the next best thing to your mother’s cooking. A very popular appetizer in 1947 is the Tomato & Cheese shorba , which is a thicker and spicier version of our regular tomato soup.

For the cool and breezy Bangalore weather, you can warm up to a bowl of comforting tomato and cheese shorba.

We make this mouthwatering dish for our guests with motherly love. We select the freshest and juiciest tomatoes. Tomatoes are very rich in vitamin C and weight watchers need not worry as they are very low in calories as well. The choicest aromatic and flavorful spices like star anise (chakra phool), whole black cardamom (Moti Elaichi, Bay leaves( Tej Patta), Cinnamon ( Dalchini) and cloves (Laung) are added to the tomatoes and pressure cooked together with a small onion, green chilly, ginger and two garlic cloves to make the tomato broth.Once all the ingredients are boiled together, we discard the whole spices and hand blend the broth to make a rich tomato puree.

The most loved ingredient however is the cheese added to the already warm tomato broth.

The addition of cheese gives the shorba a slightly sour and slightly salty and creamy taste and flavor. A handful of sugar is added to balance out the sourness of the tomatoes and salty and sour taste of cheese.

We understand that you are hungry already. But you have to wait for the last step.

In a pan, we heat a delicious slice of butter and when it melts, we add cumin seeds (jeera). Once they crackle, we pour the tempering into the already delicious tomato and cheese broth. Once ready, we garnish the shorba with fresh and finely chopped cilantro leaves ( dhania). This will be the next best thing to your mom’s cooking.

You can make rich creamy tomato soup from scratch by following the above steps.

All you have to do is to select the freshest ingredients, follow our recipe and in half an hour flat, your mouth watering soup is ready. We can vouch for a fact that in your gloomiest days also, this shorba has the potential to lift up your spirits. Let food be your sunshine on your rainy days.

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