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Paneer is the only edible thing that is most liked, adored, cherished, treasured, idolized, worshiped, lionized and so much more by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Paneer fills in the gap between the vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian ones. Needless to say that this cottage cheese has ruled over the menu of a vegetarian restaurant ever since it was invented.

Paneer starters are the one that is viewed the most in the menu and we cannot deny it. Paneer Papdi is the starter that tops the list amongst the favorite starter on our menu for its uniqueness and quirkiness. We are proud to tell you guys that we indeed experimented and come out with this fusion dish that will charm your taste buds.

Soft cottage cheese, in our words our favorite paneer chunks is made to rest with the evergreen flavorful Indian spices that give the essence of familiarity. Well, this starter is then roasted along with our own papdi.

The Papdi gets in the fun factor to the dish by its crunchiness. We call this ‘the desi twist to the unconventional muchies’. These finger foods are not only a treat to eyes and taste buds but also it is so filling and heavy.

After the richness of the dish is like that. The crunchy crust and the soft paneer makes all world meet by its subtleness. It is a great deal to go with this if you are a foodie just like we are.

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