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Subzi Dum Biryani

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Every vegetarian would have been taunted by the non-vegetarian fans at least once in his life. The taunt is always about how vegetarians are missing out all the fun and taste that non-vegetarian dishes offer. Well, boss!! We are here to prove them wrong. Biryani, to be specific, the famous Dum Biryani is presented in a super healthy version and it is at its peak in terms of the taste and the feel.

The taste of our vegetable Biryani has been elevated to a level that will take you through a divine journey of tempting your taste buds every time you think of our full-flavored Subzi Dum Biryani. We generously have added the veggies that make this Biryani a healthy rice option on the menu for the vegetarian dishes’ lovers.

The Indian spices and flavors blend in with the long granules of rice and diced veggies so well that you will enjoy each and every bit of our Subzi Dum Biryani. To add on to it, the lemon wedges will give the plesure of biriyani in vegeterian way.

We are pretty sure that when the inviting plate of our Subzi Dum Biryani along with the thick and silky raita is placed on the table you will forget all the table manners and start hogging. Why not? It is just perfect for every vegetarian lover. The enchanting combination of the aromatic rice with the mixed combination of all your favorite vegetables will make an attempt to impress you to fall madly in love with our vegetarian version of Dum Biryani.

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