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Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

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Summer is all about wearing bright colors and enjoying the beauty and warmth of nature. But Indian summers can take a toll on your health if you are not careful. The scorching sun can dry and damage your skin and hair. Do not venture out without an umbrella or without applying sunscreen.

But this alone is not enough. You must take care of your diet also. The key to be healthy and fit during the summer is to keep your body hydrated at all times.

At 1947, we bring you the most refreshing, colorful and delicious summer drinks which are freshly made from the choicest ingredients and have no side effects unlike the carbonated and aerated drinks.

  • Jal Jeerac- It is a very popular drink in North India. It aids digestion and is also used as an appetizer. We serve it with roasted cumin seeds, Mint and Rock Salt which gives it a tangy, sour and aromatic taste.
  • Chaach - Popularly known as buttermilk, it is low fat, easy to digest and is excellent for summers. It is served cold and has a sour taste. Coarsely ground cumin seeds, asafoetida. Grated ginger, mustard seeds,curry leaves and finely chopped green chilies are added to give it a spicy taste.
  • Gajar ka sharbath - As if carrot wasn’t healthy enough, we made it even more healthy and refreshing by squeezing in a lemon and adding sugar syrup.
  • Shikanji - The humble lemonade has a spicy twist in India. The Mint Shikanji has freshly blended mint leaves added to sugar, water and ice while the Pineapple shikanji is even more flavorful and has roasted pineapple juice, hint of cumin seeds and black salt added to impart the tangy taste.
  • Pudina Khatta Meetha - The mint leaves are blended with water, sugar and salt and spruced up with lemon juice. Tastes best when served chilled.
  • Ocean Blue - This is a refreshing summer drink with a soothing cool blue color. The blue carcao is blended with sugar, water and ice and served chilled.
  • Aam Panna - Here comes the king of all fruits; aam or mango. This is a huge crowd puller during summers. Made with raw green mangoes, this goes excellently with the warm and spicy taste of cumin seeds and fresh mint leaves.
  • Hajmi sharbath - This is a beautiful mix of ingredients which are not only tasty but also aid in digestion. It is a perfect blend of lemon, jal jeera powder, pudina, khas syrup, soda and boondi.
  • Thandai - Traditionally associated with Holi and Shivratri, this drink is made by blending almond, khus-khus, saunf, elaichi and kali mirch with sugar, milk and saffron strands. This drink is high in nutritional value as well.
  • Lassi - A traditional drink of North India especially Punjab, it can be either sweet or salty. It is a yoghurt based drink and can be blended with fresh seasonal fruits as well. The salty version has a tangy and spicy flavor. For the sweet version we offer our guests a delightful pineapple lassi .
  • Gulabi Jol - One can not emphasize the nutritional benefits of beetroot enough. Imagine taste and nutrition punched in a single drink. That’s where this drink scores. It is combined with fresh lemon juice and sugar and salt to give it a khatta meetha taste.

Head straight to 1947 to titillate your taste buds in summer and quench your thirst with our wide variety of superb summer drinks.

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