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There are very few restaurants that love experimenting on dishes, bearing in mind to give you a different yet special dining experience. As a result of our experiments, we have come up with a few fusion food items that is worth hogging. One of these fusion foods that we have created and treasured till now is the Tandoori Paneer Sizzler.

Doesn’t the name give you a hint as to why this fusion food is a crowd puller dish on our menu? Well, the Tandoori dish that suggests the authenticity and the traditional values associated with the food. Paneer is a non-melting cottage cheese that is so rich that it will make your mouth water by the mere thought of it. Sizzlers are a unique dish that is a wholesome package of steaks, main course, and juicy sauces.

Well, the sizzler that we are speaking about is the Tandoori Paneer sizzler. The pure and fresh paneer is marinated with the assorted spices and grilled in the traditional oven called the tandoor. Apparently, the first part of its name “tandoori” is derived from the oven in which it is grilled.

Originally sizzlers are composed of herbed rice or noodles along with the assorted veggies and steaks. But it is a 1947 restaurant. We always have a flare of passion to get in the desi twist in almost all the dishes. So, in this sizzler, Hot Biryani Rice is served with Makhani Gravy and of course with the cube-shaped, spicy and smoky paneer.

Sizzlers are something that will make all the eyes turn towards your table when our waiter is getting it for you and your eyes is glued to those yummilicious sizzler. It needs the right set of skills to prepare the perfect sizzler that can bewitch your senses and we are gratified to tell that our chefs are too good at it.

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