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Watermelon Basil Cooler Mocktail

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Summer calls for a perfectly refreshing, energizing and chilled drink. What better way can you satisfy your thirst for the perfect summer drink than going for the Watermelon Basil Cooler.

The name itself emphasizes the chilled character of this drink. Whether it is the watermelon or the basil, it is known for its benefits that offer to our health. It is the perfect antidote for all the chilled drink lovers to beat the heat.

It is an upright composition of everything that we would crave to escape from the heat during the harsh days. To say that it is a perfect drink to drive you into serenity is an understatement. The color of this drink is so refreshing to the eyes. The sprite and lemon juice is a renowned combo to fight against the dehydrated throat. You will realize this the moment you gulp it down and wet your draught throat.

And come on who doesn’t like a watermelon flavored drink on a long hot day? We bet that this drink will for sure derail you from all the stress you carried with you throughout the day.

When this liquid slowly slips down from your mouth to throat, you will feel like this is that ultimate drink that has the ability to give supreme pleasure to your gullet by its hydrating nature. We say it or not, this is a healthy drink that can be recommended to health-conscious foodies. Because if we don’t think about giving you a healthy drink, who else will?

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